Spider-Man: Far From Home (VR) – Our Spider Senses Tingle In Our Latest Review!

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Spider-Man: Far From Home VR is a rather short and basic web-slinging game, where you control Spidey and learn to swing your way around buildings and take on a giant boss.

Just a word of warning though, if your expecting a good story from this one then you will be disappointed as there isn’t one.
The game pits you in the same area over and over and apart from facing a single boss there is no story, the boss is always the same too.
The game does have a replay-ability factor to it though, as you can unlock new costumes and collectibles during your adventure.
However, there is not many of those to collect or unlock so the replay-ability is rather lacking.
The controls are easy enough though and the unlock-able costumes can provide a new advanced method of taking down that giant walking battle bot.

We understand that the PSVR is still very new and this game is perhaps a test for the developers to see just what can be created for the system.
We personally love the PSVR and thus have no qualms with this, we want to see more PSVR games in the future and as long as we keep getting them, no matter what the game is like we personally will be happy. This game is also free too so no one can really complain.
Just walk into this game with little to no expectations if you do plan on playing it, which we hope people will do considering the game is completely free.
So overall for a test game it does somewhat of a good job, getting to experience and feel like the web-slinging hero that everyone loves!
Developer: Sony Pictures Virtual Reality / Publisher: Sony Pictures Virtual Reality
Release Date: June 2019
Platforms: PS4 PSVR
Genre: Action
Main Story Length: N/A
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PSVR
Overall Rating: 4/5
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