(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – The Emotional Journey Comes To An End In Our Latest Review

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In this next review we experience the ending of one amazing journey and of course the conclusion to Rean Schwarzer and his fellow classmate’s story.
Having played each and every title in this series we for one couldn’t help but have mixed emotions coming into this game, with both excitement and sadness but it has been well worth the trip.

Trails of Cold Steel IV manages to improve on the improvements of Trails of Cold Steel III with an improved character roster and many past fan favourites now becoming companions during combat, each bringing their own set of unique abilities.
Of course fans can expect the return of the many optional side quests and minigames such as card battling and fishing.

The story itself is one explosive and bumpy ride full of plot twists, friendship and edge of your seat gameplay. The only minor and by minor we really do mean minor as it is easily something that we and I’m sure many others can look past, and that is the inclusion of the same S-Craft cinematics as seen in previous games. It would of been nice to see different S-Craft abilities get included within the game, thankfully though if you are tired of seeing them you do have the option to skip it and again this is another reason why I said it is a minor issue with us

Other than that the combat hasn’t changed much but that is fine as it had somewhat of an overhaul already with past games in this series. It is also a combat system which is easily understood and not like other certain titles which can be rather complex at times.

Overall it was nice to see characters with whom we feel we have grown so attached to over the past few years, it is also sad to say farewell too.
After years of finding it difficult to get immersed into a good RPG, Trails of Cold Steel certainly showed us that we should not give up on the genre just yet.

Also, not to brag or anything but we own the collector’s edition to all four entries into the series, as extra proof of how much we love the series and can’t wait to see what other titles the company brings out in the future.

  • Developer: Nihon Falcom
  • Publisher: NIS America
    Release Date: October 27th, 2020
    Platforms: Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Stadia
    Genre: RPG
    Main Story Length: 67 Hours
    Platinum Trophy Length: 
    Platform Reviewed On: Playstation 4
  • Overall Rating: 4/5


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