Tsioque : We Review A Fun Little Game Packed With Puzzles & Humour

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Tsioque is a nice little Point and Click Adventure title created by the team at OhNooStudio.

Having played many Indie titles now we where not exactly expecting much but ended up being pleasantly surprised when we first booted up the game and heard the great voice acting.
The voice acting work is really well done from the main narrator to even the rather amusing villains, all has been really well done and we where really rather impressed.

The gameplay is also really interesting and fun and what you would expect from a typical Point and Click title such as this.
The puzzles are very thought out too and some of which can leave you feeling rather stumped for a while.

The game features an interesting storyline in which you play as a Princess whom is trying to escape the clutches of evil.
With an interesting story that is packed with a ton of humour, we really enjoyed our experience with this title.

The soundtrack is also really well done too with each piece fitting each scene rather well.

Though we managed to get this game for free through a review copy, we would of gladly paid for this little gem as we are very impressed with it and will definitely look forward to more in the future!


Very impressed. Everything seems to be really well done and you can tell a lot of effort has gone into this title.


+ Great and interesting storyline that manages to keeps you hooked
+ The puzzles are really well thought out and can be a challenge at times
+ There is a lot of humour to be found within this title which is nice to see.


+ The game ended

Developer: OhNooStudio  / Publisher: OhNooStudio 
Release Date: 
7th November 2018
Platforms: PC
Genre: Point & Click Adventure
Main Story Length: ——–
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PC

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*
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