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Yakuza is known for its well written storylines and Yakuza 2 manages to show this quite well.
Yakuza Kiwami 2 also known as Yakuza Extreme 2 is a fully redone remake of Yakuza 2 which was originally released on PS2 back in 2006.

Unfortunately despite owning the original on PS2 we never once played it, so the game not including the obvious make-over was a totally new experience for us.

The game once again manages to feature a lot of side of content which to many comes to no real surprise as the series is mainly known for its many crazy side stories and mini-games and often of which can keep you entertained for many hours, and Yakuza Kiwami 2 is no different.

As well as some of the old regular mini-games that fans have become somewhat used to by now, Yakuza Kiwami 2 manages to include some new ones too. Unfortunately though one of these new ones can be rather boring and repetitive and can take quite a while to beat too. It goes without saying that we would be extremely happy if we never had to lay our beady little eyes on that specific mini-game ever again.

Otherwise its all enjoyable, some of the more recognizable mini-games has also had some much needed tender love and care as it too has been given a make-over, which fans such as ourselves was not really expecting, though we appreciate and are glad of this slight change it did manage to get our heads spinning for a bit as we had become rather accustomed to the original version, so much so we managed to find it all too easy, thus as we say we are glad of this change but give warning to others in doing so.

The Majima Saga which is new for the Kiwami 2 edition can be fun and enjoyable especially if you have managed to play Yakuza Zero prior to this one as there may be a few spoilers put in there.

However this saga is very short and though there are some random optional encounters you can engage in we cant help but feel like this was indeed an added section purely for fan service as none of it really deemed necessary, other than a different playable character and storyline there was nothing much different from the main game, we where happy to see the mini-games where still available to us, but there felt like there was no real reason to complete any of them, especially if you already had prior to playing this saga, it all felt way too short and far too linear for our tastes.

Having said that though it does give a nice ending to a certain segment in Yakuza Zero.

Overall Kiwami 2 is an enjoyable game and well worth the purchase as even fans of the original Yakuza 2 game back on PS2 can find the added extras a much enjoyable addition.

However as the Yakuza games tend to always keep similar and familiar mechanics such as the very familiar battle system and mini games, and with these games seemingly being released yearly especially in Japan, one cannot help but worry that perhaps the repetition and yearly releases will put many fans off the series? and potentially damage the series in the long run?


Another nice entry into the Yakuza franchise. Though we have never managed to play the original despite owning the game, we feel that this game giving the fact it has had a rather nice much needed make-over with some added bonuses thrown in there for good measure, that even fans of the original will come to enjoy this one too.
The overall story is perhaps not the strongest in the series, it however does do a very nice job of getting the point across and making us once again weep from those rather emotional segments.
The series has always been known for its incredible storylines and side activities and Yakuza Kiwami 2 does not disappoint. 


+ Great to experience a much older Yakuza title with a new make-over. Especially if you had not played the original.
+ Contains a hefty amount of side activities which can contain endless hours of fun and enjoyment, of which can also be somewhat challenging too if one wishes to partake in them.
+ Great to play as fan favourite Majima in all new optional side content exclusive to Yakuza Kiwami 2.
+ Story is well written and can last several hours, even when playing purely for the story.


+ A lot of the content can feel all too familiar that given the fact these games have become yearly releases at the point of writing this, can become rather tiresome and bland.
+ The Majima Saga felt really short with little to no content and thus felt too linear.
+ Despite adding new optional mini-games one of which was rather frustrating to get through as it became too repetitive and far too long.

Developer:  SEGA / Publisher: SEGA
Release Date: 
August 28th 2018
Platforms: PS4
Genre: Action Adventure
Main Story Length: 20 – 25 Hours 
Majima Chapter Story Length: 30 minutes – 1 Hour
Platinum Trophy Length: 100+ Hours
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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