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Starfield is an action role-playing RPG title developed and published by the team over at Bethesda. It features being able to travel into the dark abyss of space. Which makes a big change with the companies last few releases, such as Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Fallout 76. Which both were very much set inside of unique worlds. Either plagued by radioactive activity and post-apocalyptic settings. Alternatively some worlds were even based on fantasy and dragons.

This time, with Starfield, we take a trip into space. So, no particular world setting then? Do you dare to venture into the dark unknown? At least space is quiet, right?


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Funnily enough during development, Starfield was scheduled to be a Playstation 5 exclusive. If the declassified documents are to be believed. However, the team over at Microsoft decided to break billions of ‘Sony hearts’, when they managed to purchase and acquire the company, ZeniMax. For $7.5 billion

ZeniMax, the American based video game holding company. Which was first formed back in 1999. Is known for having quite a few big named subsidiaries. From Arkhane Studios (the creators of Dishonored), id Software (Doom), MachineGames (Quake and Wolfenstein) and, of course, Bethesda Studios.


Starfield was first announced back in 2018 during the E3 presentation. It was also expected to release back in November 11th 2022. But was delayed and pushed back to early 2023. It was joined by Arkane Studios first-person shooter title, Redfall. Which was also delayed on the same day. Stating that they needed more polish.

Whilst the vampire invasion title, Redfall, would eventually end up seeing a May 2nd, 2023 release. And whilst Starfield was also expected to launch in early 2023. It was, once again, further delayed for yet more polish. The title finally went gold on August 16th. Confirming that the September 6th release was, this time, set in stone. So fall 2023 instead.


In Starfield players have the ability to switch between both first-person and third-person perspectives. It is also largely set within the milky way. With over 1,000 planets to explore and discover. It has also been reported that there is over 90 quests in total. Though, some of these are likely to be repetitive and similar to certain other quests. Think along the lines of Mass Effect and its space probes. Which were used to scan planets for resources.


The director and producer over at Bethesda Studios, Todd Howard, also confirmed that there is a total of at least 20 companions. With four main Constellation companions and the rest are basically said to be part of the crew. These 4 Constellation members are also said to be romance options.

These romance options include the high-ranking pilot, Sam Coe. Astrodynamics expert, Sarah Morgan and Starship engineer, Barrett.

Exploring Different Planets In Starfield


In Starfield you can also create your own custom made character. As is usually the case in past Bethesda and similar titles. However, there is no exact option to pick between either a male or a female. Instead this option has been replaced by ‘body selection’. So expect feminine, masculine and even the option of androgynous

Continuing on with the gender of custom created characters, the company head director also confirmed the option of being able to use pronouns to help describe their character. So expect the usual he/she/they.


Dialogue options will be featured within Starfield. In a way that has been described as being somewhat similar to the 2006 title, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. With facial expressions being heavily hinted as being a way to indicate a character’s possible response or feeling and emotion. Alongside the persuasion system making a return. So, you know, you can try to persuade the character to give out vital information. For example. Alternatively there is also the option to just out right become violent and attack. Though, you can also just choose to, essentially, not care, and walk away.


The story of Starfield is said to take place 20 years after the war between the factions of The Settled Systems. Which is, essentially, the colonized star systems of the milky way. Sol is one such Settled System, which consists of the planet Earth and the home world of humanity.

However, Sol, otherwise known as the Solar System, and what remains of the human race have dispersed. Planet Earth is no longer habitable. One such planet that the survivors have fled to is Mars.

Fans Discover Earth Is Missing Its Coloured Hues Before Starfield Release (Source: Reddit)

Before the September 6th release of Starfield fans decided to research into what might have happened to the planet and why was humanity forced to evacuate. This led to screenshots being released and it was pointed out that the blue and green hues of the planet were missing. This resulted in fan theories and speculations of a possible nuclear war or an environmental hazard.

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