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Find the Blood of Lathander is an optional side quest within Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). It can be started during act 2 and chapter 2. It features a unique weapon and a bunch of puzzles that must be solved before we can unlock and complete this quest.

What’s an adventure without some cool relic weapons? Let’s quest to find the Blood of Lathander!


The Githyanki Warrior
Steal the Githyanki Egg


On the way to the Githyanki Creche you will find a statue and be able to look at the inscriptions. This will add the quest to you journal.


In order to complete this quest in the safest way possible you will need the Dawnmaster’s Crest. More on that later

If you happen to have a mace, battleaxe and hammer that you are willing to part with you can skip down to Solve the Puzzle. If not, you can get some from around the monastery.

The first will be through a door directly behind you. Head down that hallway and pick up a rusted mace.

After that head back the way you came and back up the crumbling stairs. Turn right through the door then climb up some vines to find a big bird’s nest. You will need to kill the birds to take the hammer in the nest.

For the last weapon, after climbing down the vines there should be a door directly in front of you. It’s locked but you can pick it open. You will need to defeat the spectral knight in the room to obtain the axe.

Solve the Puzzle

Now you have the three items you can solve the puzzle. Leap back into the monastery and take the first right. You will enter a room with three alters next to stained glass windows.

From left to right, place the battleaxe first, then the hammer in the middle, and lastly the mace.

This opens a small chamber and allows you to obtain the Dawnmaster’s Crest.

Statues in the Creche

Head back to the statue and click on the description again before heading into the Githyanki Creche.

Note that this quest is best done after you have completed other quests here first as you are required to go to the inquisitor’s room and if you go there and skip some steps in Lae’zel’s companion quest you could end up losing her.

If your in the clear. Head to the inquisitor’s room and check out the statues in the side room on the left. Choose your character with the highest athletics so they don’t get hurt and turn the statue on the left to face away from the inquisitor’s room and the statue on the right to face the inquisitor’s room.

This will open a hidden passage.

The Secret Chamber

In the first room of the secret chamber you will be faced with a barrier. To get rid of the barrier have a ranged character shoot the energy source in the room and destroy it.

In the second chamber it’s advised that you attempt to disarm the dawnbreaker with slight of hand before moving around it to the left and jumping up a small cliff as there is no way to break the barrier’s power source from this side.

Follow the path round and break the power source you come across, disable the second dawnbreaker. Zoom your screen out and look down the cliff to find the power source for the last barrier, destroy that too.

The Blood of Lathander Mace

The Mace was well protected and has even more protecting it. Luckily, you have the Dawnmaster’s Crest. Insert that below the mace and you’ll be able to take it without issue.

You now have the legendary mace, The Blood of Lathander. It does 1d6 bludgeoning damage and has Lathander’s Blessing which when you hit points reach 0 heals you for 2-12 hit points and allies around you for 1-6 hit points and Lathander’s Light which blinds fiends and undead that fail at a constitution saving throw.

If you don’t have the Dawnmaster’s crest

If you stumbled upon this quest and made it to the mace without the Dawnmaster’s Crest you can still take the mace but it will trigger a rather large and dramatic trap. The person who took the mace will be trapped and the rest of the party will need to use ranged attacks to take down 4 towers in 4 turns before the monastery blows up.

Should you find yourself in this very stressful situation. Try to make sure the person with the worst ranged attacks is the one that picks up the mace. That way it leaves your best damage dealers free to have a good crack at the towers.

Also save before you pick up the mace.

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