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Steal the Githyanki Egg is yet another Baldur’s Gate III optional side quest. It involves Lady Esther, who will be wanting a Githyanki Egg. Here we will be given the choice of finding and giving her it. Of course, there is always the option of keeping it for ourselves but which option is best suited?

People asking you to steal things in an RPG is pretty common. Sometimes it’s an old lady wanting you to steal an unborn child for science. Definitely one of Baldur’s Gate’s most questionable quests.


The Githyanki Warrior
Find The Blood Of Lathander


On the way to the Githyanki Creche in Rosymorn Monastery, near the Trielta Crags waypoint you will find a woman who goes by Lady Esther. She will ask you to get her a Githyanki egg. For science.


When you arrive at the Rosymorn Monastery go through and follow the path to the north. You’ll need to jump back into the monastery on a higher floor and break through the barricade to get back in.

Once in, take the first left and then jump over the gap in front of you. Follow the path and head through an unlocked door. Make your way down the ruined steps, jump if you need and find another barricade to destroy.

On the right after the barricade is an oak door. Head through there and then left. Run past the statue and down the stairs to find the Creche in the Monastery Basement.


They will not be friendly to an outsider like you. If you are not a good social character then it is probably best to make sure you have Lae’zel with you and allow her to speak. She knows their customs and will be able to get you in without a fight.

When you enter the Creche, head left to reach a fork in the road. The left route will lead to the infirmary which you should visit for Lae’zel’s companion quest but for the egg you’ll want to go right to the hatchery.

Githyanki eggs sit in pools of acid. You’ll need to use your jump to leap over the pools and over the rocks. You’ll spot the egg in the pools further in the room. You will also be warned to stay back from it. If you continue forward and interact with the egg you will trigger combat and have to kill the Githyanki in the room before you can take it.

Lze'zel and the Githyanki Egg


Rather than going straight for the egg, approach the man who gave you the warning by running over the rock bridge to his station. With a couple of persuasion checks you will be able to convince the old man that it’s best for you to take the egg. Don’t hesitate to use Shadowheart’s guidance if necessary. If you fail you can try again with another party member but if no one passes then there will be no way to avoid combat.

Be aware that offering to pay for the egg will also trigger combat.

If you succeed in convincing him, he’ll give you some boots to help approach the egg. They make you immune to acidic surfaces, which is unavoidable to reach the egg. Equip the boots then leap over and take the egg. Mission accomplished.


Lady Esther will be thrilled to know you have the egg. If you agree to hand it over and she didn’t pay you upfront you will be rewarded 258 gold.

If you refuse to give her the egg, she will enter combat and attempt to take it by force. Sadly for her she is just one person and being outnumbered by a full party makes her fairly easy to take down.


The beauty of Baldur’s Gate 3 is that there is always an extra option if you think around the problem. You can present Lady Esther with an Owlbear egg. She’ll notice something is strange so you will need to convince her with either a Nature, Deception or Persuasion check. She won’t give you as much money as you would get if you sold the Owlbear egg but if your playing a lawful good character this is probably the most moral way to complete this quest.

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