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The Githyanki Warrior quest is one of the many Baldurs Gate III 3 companion side quests. It relates to Lae’zel. Our strong and fearless warrior in the pack. We can acquire it during Act I Chapter 1. It involves having to find the Githyanki creche and meeting up with a bunch of Githyanki warriors.


Steal The Githyanki Egg
Find The Blood Of Lathander


The Githyanki Warrior companion
The Githyanki Warrior Lze’zel


In order to unlock the quest you will need to recruit Lae’zel to your party. You will meet her in the prologue but she will not be an official party member until you find her again in act 1. When you reach the beach and after the ship crash. Here she can be found caught in a trap by two Tiefling individuals. Use some persuasion or force to get the Tieflings away and then shoot the cage to free Lae’zel.
She will tell you that her people have a way to deal with the parasite and you should find them as soon as possible.


You can find one of the Tieflings that captured Lae’zel in Druid’s grove. After you have fought the goblins and met Wyll.
After a not so friendly talk he will tell you where and how his friend was attacked by the Githyanki, giving you a lead on how to find the creche.
During the conversation you will loose a lot of favour with Shadowheart should you let Lae’zel be forceful however you will loose favour with Lae’zel if you stop her.

Journey to the Mountain Pass


With our lead and clue that we received back at the Druid’s Grove we can now make our way over to The Mountain Pass and coordinates x:-141 y:534. It is north west of the map.

Here you will be pulled into a cutscene where some soldiers are trying to cross a bridge but the Githyanki are in the way. They will chase off the soldiers via a fire dragon and the bridge will be destroyed.

You can climb down the cliff and get to the Githyanki and a cutscene will play as you approach. You should be careful with this interaction. There is a high chance that it may break out into a fight. If you can pass some checks the Githyanki will tell you that they are after an artifact that should sound familiar to you. The Githyanki will then leave and you can continue towards the creche.

You can avoid a fight if you refuse to tell these warriors about the ship or the artefact. Basically refuse to tell them anything and do not cooperate with them.


This next bit can vary depending on your relationship with Shadowheart. Inspect the fallen body of Sarth Beretha to find the magical artefact known as an Elaborate Slate. Use it by accessing your inventory. This option is available to you if you decided to fight the warriors. Regardless through our next destination is to the south-west.

By heading south-west you will be assaulted by a form of psychic attack. If your character has been entrusted with the relic by Shadowheart they will use it to push back the attack. If you do not, Shadowheart will use it and after you will have a chance to speak to her about her god of worship and her mission

This is where the early access segment of Baldurs Gate III ended. However, with the full release we can now continue on.

Rosymorn Monastery

Your next destination is in Rosymorn Monastery where you will see some more Githyanki confirming you are getting close to the creche but also confirming that you need to be careful. Head on through the monastery and follow the path to the north. You’ll need to jump back into the monastery on a higher floor and break through the barricade to get back in.
Once in, take the first left and then jump over the gap in front of you. Follow the path and head through an unlocked door. Make your way down the ruined steps, jump if you need and find another barricade to destroy.
On the right after the barricade is an oak door. Head through there and then left. Run past the statue and down the stairs to find the creche in the Monastery Basement.


As expected from what you have seen already there is a warm welcome. If you are not confident in your social skills it may be best to let Lae’zel talk. You’ll be allowed in but they will be wary of you.
Head past the heavy oak door and make your way to the infirmary as told. It’s in the south-west of the base. Speak to the woman there.


Again a good way to get through this is to let Lae’zel talk. The healer/scientist will bid you go to the large scary looking machine in the room. You’ll be able to choose between yourself and Lae’zel to be subject to the machine. I suggest you don’t let Lae’zel go first if you like her. It will be a very high DC roll to save her if you let her on.
The machine is as scary as it looks. There will be some checks and choices but ultimately the tadpole will win and the machine will be destroyed.
The healer is not happy and if you do not want to end up on the bad side of the Githyanki creche your best convincing her that that tadpole is dead


Lae’zel will be convinced that something is wrong with the machine and suspect a traitor in the Creshe. She will want to talk to the Inquisitor.


I would suggest saving before entering the Inquisitors chambers. No matter what this will be a combat encounter and quite a tough one. Make sure you have a long rest and cast any buff spells you need before entering. Whether you decide to give him the artifact or not plot demands a boss battle.
It is possible to confront the inquisitor without going into the infirmary but be warned that doing so may turn Lae’zel against you and you may loose her


After defeating him you will be faced with the Queen of the Githyanki. She will give you a new quest to enter the prism and kill the one sealed inside.
Before you rush off for the quest make sure you search this room thoroughly as there is a lot of loot you won’t want to miss. Insert the artefact into the plancecaster and venture inside.

This concludes the first section of Lae’zel and her The Githyanki Warrior companion quest. Which, as mentioned before, begins in act 1 and continues into act 2.


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