Genshin Impact – Solve The Mystery (Mystery Of The Arcadian Ruins) Side Quest Guide

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As expected with any typical RPG game these days, Genshin Impact also comes with a ton of optional side quests that you can try and complete.

One of these side quests is Solve The Mystery / Mystery Of The Arcadian Ruins which is available whilst exploring the Whispering Woods

It will involve the player needing to save an informant and solving a riddle regarding a treasured sword.

  • LOCATION: Whispering Woods
  • TYPE: Story Quest
  • QUEST GIVER: Kaeya / Vile
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete Kaeya’s Troubles


  • To trigger and start this quest you will need to first off speak to Kaeya and complete the ‘Kaeya’s Troubles‘ quest over at the Knights of Favonius HQ (which requires a lot of running back and forth between both Kaeya and Cyrus). After completing that quest you can then once again talk to Kaeya who will tell you of an informant over at Monstadt – Whispering Woods.
  • So go ahead and see this informant (Vile), when you arrive you will see that they are being attacked. Deal with the Hilichurls and then speak to Vile to get a riddle from them
  • Our next task is to use this riddle in order to find a treasure chest. Our first clue reads “Three six-armed giants reside in the city in the lake. Two guard the statue, One, the treasure.” The first clue refers to a set of Windmills
  • It is now time to make our way to Mondstadt (if not already there)
  • The Windmill that you want will be the one in the southwestern section of Mondstadt
  • Simply climb the Windmill to the very top. Up here you should be able to spot a Treasure Chest, open it.
  • Once you have opened this Treasure Chest you will receive your next riddle. If you are having issues trying to reach the top of the Windmill then just use a nearby building and glide onto the Windmill instead of climbing it

After getting the next riddle, we will now want to head to the Springvale Waterfall. The next clue reads the following; “She just doesn’t love him at all. The passions rushing through the clear spring is just a front. When she’s cold and alone, her true heart is revealed.”

  • The location you will want to be at is just South of Starfell Valley (as seen above). Simply speak to Kaeya at the Knights of Favonius Headquarters if you ever get stuck and need a hint.
  • Whilst here you should notice a Waterfall in front of you, ignore it for now but it does mean that we are where we need to actually be, which is good.
  • Now head left of the Waterfall and into a section full of enemies and more importantly, three pillars
  • Now if you look carefully at these pillars you will notice that they all have ice symbols on them, use Ice Cryo abilities on them. Doing so will summon a Treasure Chest
  • After opening the Treasure Chest you will receive yet another map riddle, oh boy yet another one. Thankfully it is the final one and it is also already marked on your map. It will take you to Falcon Coast
  • From here head onto and follow the actual beach itself heading left and into a cave. It is now recommended to be at least level 10 before taking this next bit on!
  • This dungeon shouldn’t be too difficult but you will end up facing a boss known as, Ruin Guard. Quest end.


  • MORA: 3,225


+ According to Kaeya, his pirate grandfather left behind a treasured sword that has been buried in the lost Arcadian Ruins. To prevent it from falling into the wrong hands, you search high and low for intelligence regarding the ruins


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