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Find the missing boots is one of the available optional side quests within Larian Studio’s RPG title, Baldurs Gate III. You can collect it from Act I otherwise known as Chapter 1. It is also one of the few quests that, originally, could not be completed during the early access phase. Now it can be finished and here is how to do just that! The quest itself involves a Gnome who is eager to track down a runaway slave who stole a pair of boots.

Nothing spells epic adventure like having to find someone’s missing boots…Guess every game has got to start somewhere.




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The duergar, Gekh Coal


You unlock this quest in the Underdark Beach. By the Decrepit Village and the coordinates x:16 y:-207. From there cross a bridge and a duergar individual will interrupt you. He is named Gekh Coal. At first he will be hostile towards you, even if you do not attack at first sight. He’ll go for his axe but you’ll have a chance to talk him down and if you want this quest, it’s best you try. There are a number a rolls you can use to get through this and get the quest. Religion, Intimidation, persuasion, wisdom, use whichever is best for your character. Using wisdom will use your tadpole powers and is highly affective.

He will also mention someone having ran away with a pair of boots. Ones that he will task us with finding and bringing back.


You’ll find the gnome in the Underdark Myconid Colony and the coordinates x:78 y:-91. Here we will come across several of the Myconid creatures that might seem scary. However, they seem to have taken her in. At least they do not seem very hostile towards her anyway. Unfortunately though, she has been poisoned by the duergar. She also has the boots that we seek. This next section will have multiple options for us to choose from.

(Note: These missing boots have the Boots of Speed ability. Allowing us to navigate much more quickly)


You can in fact, just take the boots right from her feet. You don’t even have to wait for her to die of the poison you can just take them right off her.

Take if off her corpse

Still not a wonderful option you can either let the poison take her or kill her yourself and take the boots off her corpse


Finally, the nice option! There’s no special plot antidote for this so you can use either an Antidote, Antitoxin, Duergar antidote or Minor Restoration to cure her. In the early access you could also use a noblestalk to heal her poison. One was obtained during the Find the Mushroom Picker quest.

She will offer you the boots as a reward for saving her life and you can leave her alive with the myconids. Gekh Coal will assume she is dead when you give the boots back so you can guarantee her safety


Head back to the duergar that gave you the quest and show him the boots. He will point you in the direction of the Sargent that they were taken from.
Make your way down to the nearby boat and speak with the boatsman by showing them the boots. You’ll be stopped after getting off the boat by an angry duergar. They are in fact all talk though as you can get through the confrontation without a single roll or battle.
Find the bear-footed Sargent in the Grymforge by a bunch of gnomes excavating the cave in. She’ll be very happy to get the boots back but before you finish the conversation the tadpole inside of our head will trigger.

This will actually complete the Missing Boots side quest and move us on to our next one, Free the True Soul. Our rewards will be either; a Robust Chain Shirt that gives AC bonus based on Dex up to +2 and Piercing Counter which deals 2d4 piercing damage when attacked by a melee attack and HP is at 50% or less. Alternatively we can also acquire the Bracing Band which gives the ability Personal space, which after shoving an enemy gives the wearer +1 Armour Class until their next turn.


I have not found any resources saying you can pickpocket them but it is likely worth a try. However if you want them and don’t want to be chaotic, best to just not select the option to give her back her boots. Once you have them simply move on. You can try to use some deception or try to distract her with the dig to get around having to give it to her. The choice is ultimately yours to make.

Both Gale and Wyll are likely to disapprove if you agree to help the Gnome track down the runaway slave, Thulla.

Astarion and Shadowheart will likely approve if you choose to take the boots from Thulla. Whilst both Wyll and Gale will disapprove.

If you want all three rewards there is the tried and tested method of killing the Sargent you gave them to and taking it off her corpse.


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