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Minsc has the potential to be your most powerful ally or a deadly foe that could take on even the most experienced Baldurs Gate 3 player. He also happens to be one of the most unique companions in the game, having access to a pet hamster named ‘Boo’.

In this article, you’ll learn everything that has currently been released about Minsc. Because he is an Act III character, there is limited information surrounding him at this time. Nevertheless, let’s take a look! 


The High Harper (Minsc Recruitment Quest)
Minsc with his pet hamster Boo


Minsc BackstorY

Minsc was originally partnered with Dynaheir, on a quest to the Sword Coast, as part of a journey of self-discovery. His goal was to protect his companion and gain experience by traveling to new lands and experiencing new cultures. After this, he continued journeying to new lands.

Here’s how Minsc is described in-game:

“Minsc was a kind-hearted—but rather addled— Rashemaar warrior that enjoyed many adventures across the Sword Coast and beyond. He joined many adventuring parties throughout the 14th and 15th centuries DR, including the Heroes of Baldur’s Gate. Minsc was famously known for his habit of talking to a hamster called Boo, whom he believed was a miniature giant space hamster, despite no one else ever witnessing any evidence of this.”

Minsc Abilities

Right now, we don’t actually know very much about Minsc’s abilities, because they have not yet been added to the game. However, an educated guess can be made judging from his stats in previous games. There’s a good chance that his abilities will be as follows:

  • Strength- 12
  • Dexterity- 17
  • Constitution- 13
  • Intelligence- 8
  • Wisdom- 15
  • Charisma- 10

These stats are actually pretty high, and if they are true, will make Minsc one of the most powerful companions in the entire game. But, it will be hard to recruit Minsc, therefore balancing this power out.

Another unique feature that has been confirmed is that Minsc will have a pet hamster that he takes everywhere with him. This hamster doesn’t serve a massive purpose, but it is pretty funny to see an accomplished warrior taking advice from a harmless pet!

Minsc is of the human race, which does come with its drawbacks, as humans are one of the weaker races in Baldurs Gate 3. Although, his Folk Hero background will help to balance this weakness out 
Furthermore, Minsc is a ranger by default. Rangers tend to have great proficiency in a variety of weapon types and can wear almost any armor without difficulty. Rangers also hunt better than any other class in the game. And they are used to traveling around the world with no more than a bow and arrow and some light leather gear.

There are a total of three ranger subclasses- Beast Master, Gloom Stalker, and Hunter. Because we don’t know everything about Minsc, it’s hard to tell which subclass will be the best to choose. 

How to Recruit MINSC

You can only recruit Minsc in Act III. But, in order to actually recruit him later on, you need to set a few foundations in the earlier acts:

  • In Act 2, make sure that you keep Jaheira alive, and eventually recruit her. This way, you’ll gain access to the High Harper companion quest.
  • During this quest, make sure you enter the counting-house vault. Once in the vault, you learn that Minsc was tadpoled, but managed to escape the sewers.

Once you find out that Minsc is in the sewers, you’ll need to head there to find him. The coordinates for his location are: X= -203 and Y= 867.

Once you head to this location, the Abandoned Cistern Valve Puzzle will appear. This is a very hard puzzle, but as long as you think before you commit to each move, you shouldn’t run into too much trouble. If you want to be safe, just create a backup save.

Once you complete this puzzle, you’re almost ready to recruit Minsc. But, before you do this, you will have to defeat him in battle by landing a non-lethal attack as your final blow. If you land a lethal blow, you will kill Minsc and miss the opportunity of recruiting him.

After you have taken down Minsc, you will need to restrict the Asbolute’s Mind Control. To do this, simply select the following dialogue options:

  • “Try to protect him. I must defy my urge.”
  • “He’s Jaheira’s friend. Do it.”
  • “I don’t think you want to find out,” or “It doesn’t matter–help him.”

Once you complete this, there will be a short dialogue section, following which you can finally recruit your new companion.

How to Romance Minsc in Baldurs Gate 3

Romancing Minsc is actually quite tricky in Baldurs Gate 3 because you have to plan so far ahead. You can’t recruit him until Act III, but your actions before this point can literally make or break your chances of having a relationship with the ranger.

Nothing in Act 1 will affect your chances of romancing Minsc. But, in Act 2, your ability to keep Jaheira alive will greatly impact your relationship with the hunter. If you keep Jaheira alive and successfully recruit her, you will gain access to her companion quest, which is the only mission that can connect you to Minsc, as mentioned previously.

After you’ve recruited Minsc following Jaheria’s companion quest, all you need to do is raise your approval with the hunter to initiate a romantic relationship. Minsc has his own views, such as treating animals with dignity and respect, and following along with such ideas will put you on his good side.


To get a better understanding of this, here are some in-context things that Minsc approves of:

  • Being heroic
  • Supporting his philosophies and morals
  • Being kind to animals (bonus points if you treat his hamster Boo well)
  • Defending your companions.


On the other hand, there are plenty of actions that will not impress Minsc, including:

  • Disagreeing, or mocking his beliefs and ideologies
  • Being unjustifiably cruel to animals, particularly Boo
  • Using more harmful methods than necessary.
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