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Save Hope is considered to be an act 3 quest. Which can reward you with a very interesting piece of gear for the monk class in BG3 Baldurs Gate III.

You’ll stumble upon this quest as you try to break out of your deal with Rapheal. In your quest to find your contract and destroy it you will find Rapheal’s House of Hope.


Kill Raphael’s Old Enemy: Break Yurgir’s Contract


You can meet Hope after entering the House of Hope. She’ll appear before you as a spirit, if you talk to her and get her to stay, she will offer to give you some information about the madhouse you are about to step into.

Hope will cast a glamour to help you blend in with the crazies and asks you to whisper your questions. You will need to roll Intelligence, Charisma, or Wisdom to appease the level of whisper she wants.

She will tell you where to find your contract and request that you save her.

Meeting her spirit in Save Hope

The House of Madness

Head north further into the house and take the right path past a messy and grim banquet table. Open the door and on your right, there will be a trapped door that you will be able to force open with a strength roll.

Once you’ve gotten down, prepare for combat. Make sure you have spell slots and cast any pre combat spells you need. When you approach the door in front of you Hope will appear and warn you against trying to save her before breaking the contract.

Freeing Hope

Hope’s jailors consist of 2 Spectators and 5 little hell spawn goblin thingies. The goblin imps are easy enough to take down but the Spectators may take some time. Your best bet is to focus on ranged attacks so that Gale and other spell casters can use their big damage dealers without having to worry about friendly fire.

Once combat is over you will need to use the Orphic Hammer to smash the stones holding Hope in place. She will be grateful but worried that your contract is still in place. She will join you in finding it before Rapheal appears.

THE SAVE HOPE Contract Hunt

Head right of the way you came into the room and jump across to a rocky wall. Climb up and start heading to the right, jumping from rock to rock. You eventually find a balcony, jump onto it. You’ll probably want to start sneaking here.

Sneak in and head to the right. You’ll see a wonderful devil’s painting, probably Rapheal himself and a button underneath. It is trapped so disconnect someone from the party and make sure the others are well away so you don’t spread the damage.

The painting will slide up and reveal a safe. You can pick it open but it is a very high difficulty, use every advantage you can. Inside will be Rapheal’s Notes and some Soul Coins. Read the notes to find a magic keyword you will need later.

To the Archive

In order to head out to the archive you will need to leave the room. The door is guarded. You can stay in stealth and get in some sneak attacks or simply chop your way out. Be sure to loot the large devil that was in the door for some very rare gloves. Known as the Gloves of Soul Catching

Once you are out start sneaking down the path to your right. If you are spotted combat will start. Get to a door on the west side to head into the Archive.

You will find your contract in an impervious sphere right in front of you.

Destroy the Contract

You’ll be able to use the magic keywords you found before to disactivate the sphere. After you will be able to take the contract and destroy it, but Rapheal will know what you have done. Don’t be too afraid, however, as there are some interesting items in the Archive you may not want to miss.

After looting, it’s time to escape.

Head out of the archive and pick the door across the hall. You will have to fight your way through the mad souls you walked past on the way in. Once combat is over, head east, back the way you came but before you go through the door take some time to prepare. Heal, rest if you can because a big fight is coming up.


As expected, when you click to leave Rapheal will appear and he’s mad. He will bring the familiar face of Yurgir who, with a very good persuasion roll can be convinced to fight with you.

If you have convinced Yurgir to fight with you there will be 6 demons and Rapheal to deal with. The key to this fight is getting rid of the soul columns in the room’s corners. Rapheal will use these to power up his spells. Make them first priority, then the mooks, then Rapheal himself.

After combat Hope will not be able to believe your all still alive.

As a reward, you will get the legendary gloves of soul catching. They can heal 10 HP on an unarmed hit or give you advantage on your next attack or saving throw roll. Alongside a Helldusk Armor.

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