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Save the Gondians is an act 3 side quest within Baldurs Gate III BG3. It can be started from the Lower city. The quest features the character Zanner and a group of hostages and the Iron Guard.

People are being oppressed. Quick great hero help them! Or don’t this is your game after all.


Avenge the Ironhands Quest


You can start the quest by heading to the Steel Watch Foundry in the Lower city. The door will be locked but you’ll be able to pick your way in. Once you’re in you’ll be treated to a cutscene of a halfling with a suspicious neck piece being ordered about.

Because you have picked your way in you are technically trespassing and could get in some trouble if you are spotted. Head left as you come in and pick your way into the security office. Once in you can talk to Zanner Toobin to start the quest.


Zanner requests that you help free the families that have been taken hostage and in exchange he will help you destroy this place. This will help you progress the Disable the Iron Guard quest.

In order to get information about where the families are being held you will need to head down the stairs in the room. You will find yourself in combat almost as soon as you enter the room. There isn’t really a good way to avoid it. There should be 4 enemies and an automaton.

After combat, head to the east of the room and up a ladder on the left of a large door. At the top of the ladder you will see a bookshelf with scattered documents. Click on the one still on the shelves to find your prison location clue.

Meeting Zanner in Save the Gondians

Find the Families

Your next destination is back in the Lower City, south of Baldur’s Gate and east of the Grey Harbour Docks Waypoint. Prepare for combat and pick your way through a set of double metal doors. There will be 5 enemies.

Once in, look to your left to find the entrance to the basement. In the basement, head south and follow the path until you get to a room with a submersible. You’ll need to get in to get to the prison you want to go to and the dwarf guard is surprisingly friendly and will take you to where you need without rolls.

Underwater Panic

After a chat with an enemy leader, said leader will detonate a self-destruct on the prison. This will lead it to start filling with water. You will have a bit of time to get in and try get the hostages out but this will be a mad dash.

Combat will start as soon as you enter the prison and you will have 8 turns to run around and do everything you can. It is recommended you bring characters with high movement speed. Things like misty step and dimension door will help in getting further distances.

All characters will need to head down the ladder in front of you. There are people down the West, South and East paths as well as near the ladder. Split the party into these four locations. Once you have opened the door the NPCs will join the turn order and run for their lives.

After the first turn, enemies will appear in the south path so make sure you send someone who can take a hit.

On the second turn focus on getting as many of the cells open as you can. There will be levers by the cells.

By the third round there should be characters whose opened all the cells in their area. If that is the case have them start to head back to the submersible. More enemies will appear but it is best to ignore them. You may get unlucky and have a hostage or two die to them but they are mostly able to take a hit so you should just focus on getting out. Use the rest of your turns to mad dash out of the area.

When your last party member is back on the ship the combat will be over.

Return to the Steel Watch Foundry

Once you enter the Steel Watch Foundry the Gondians will be ready to fight. You’ll need to focus on keeping Toobin alive during the fight. They are very easily taken down so I suggest you use a cleric, such as Shadowheart, to grant some protection while the rest of the party focuses on the enemy. After the combat, the Gondians are saved but Toobin intends to hold up his end of the bargain. He will temporarily join your party to help you take down the steel watch.

The Steel Watch’s Depths

Head down the same stairs you went to find clues about the prison. If you have not already looted the bodies you left last time, be sure to do so that and pick up the Control Level Key. Head through the large door to the north. Toobin will warn you before you enter the next area that a battle will start with a very tough steel watcher. Make sure you are rested and ready before heading in. The large watcher will be backed up by 4 others so sadly you do not have number advantage.  After combat, talk to Toobin again and he will destroy the whole Steel Watch Foundry.

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