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Save Vanra is an optional side quest that takes place during act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). It can also be acquired by heading to the Basilisk Gate Barracks

Here look it’s another ‘Save’ someone quest. This time it’s the daughter of a poor woman who looks like she needs some sleep.


Help the Hag Survivors
Avenge the Hag Survivors


In the Basilisk Gate Barracks follow the sound of an angry woman screaming about her daughter Vanra. You’ll find a woman named Lora. Interact with her to start the quest.

A Confusing Conversation

You’ll soon see why she is so angry. You’ll be witness to a strange conversation where the guard keeps asking the same questions and forgetting the answers. She looks like she is in pain when she remembers anything about what Lora said.

Understandably frustrated you can offer to look for Lora’s daughter in the guard’s stead. She tells you she was last seen in the Blushing Mermaid.

The Blushing Mermaid

Travel south-west through the Lower City to find the Blushing Mermaid and head inside. Head to a room in the north-east and talk to the hungover Captain Grizzly. The captain will seem happy being asked about the child again, he will also inform us that Lora may be a bit crazy and said child might not even exist.

In fact the captain even attempts to offer a rather large amount of gold for someone to kill her. Best you don’t get tempted, so choose to refuse. We were, after all, warned that Lora may be a bit crazy.

Auntie’s Back

Grizzly will transform into the hag, Auntie Ethel. So not only can you carry forward this quest you can also complete the quest Avenge the Hag Survivors. If you want to save Vanra, you’ll need to tell her to hand over the child. Ethel will teleport away and send a bunch of pirates after you. 6 pirates to be exact. Defeat the enemies then head down the stairs into the basement.

Jump up onto a platform above the barrels and through an illusionary wall on your left. The door behind will be locked but you can pick through or destroy it to enter a very boggy basement. Ethel will have some thralls here. Even if you broke through the door, you will be able to get a few surprise rounds on them if you are sneaky. After that you will enter combat with them.

It seems that among them is the actual Captain Grizzly who has been enthralled by the Hag along with her crew.

Hag’s Bane

If you have already done the Help the Hag Survivors quest then continue through the wooden gate and face Ethel. If you haven’t turn back for now as you will not be able to save Vanra without the Hag’s Bane potion. Which you will get as a reward.

Boss Battle

Go through your prebattle checklist.

Have you had a good rest and do you have all of your spell slots? Do you have the hag’s bane in your inventory? Have you casted all of you pre-battle buff spells? If so, good. Now you can go in.

The battle will start as soon as Ethel spots you. The first thing she will do is use Mirror Image to create copies of herself. These copies will go down in one hit so it will be quick to find the real one. Once you have thrown the Hag’s Bane at her she will proceed to throw up Vanra. Who will then run away and you will be free to focus on the boss fight.

However things are not so straight forward. Ethel will keep reviving every time you get her down. In order to stop this you will need to destroy the three blue mushrooms around the room. Have someone go into sneak mode and run around to do that while the rest of the party deals with Ethel.

After defeating Ethel, don’t forget to loot the chest in the room before going back to Lora.


After all that you will be rewarded with the legendary weapon Duellist’s Prerogative. A sword that does 1d8+10 piercing damage and 1d4 necrotic damage. As well as the Amulet of Windrider, an amulet that gives the level 3 spell Ride the Wind and the level 2 spell Gust of Wind.

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