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There is a total of six mission badges that can be found within the Red Marley Rising mission chapter in Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew.

Mission Badges are optional objectives that occur during each mission. They often require skill and concentration. Either by performing multiple stealth takedowns or other similar required tasks.

For the Red Marley Rising mission we can unlock the I Like a Challenge, Sequence Break, First Step, Just Passing Through, Minimalist Approach and No Time Tinkering badges.

The start of the Shadow Gambit and the Red Marley Rising mission begins with the acolytes approaching the shore and being told to scout the area. Little do they know that they are about to be met with a quick and timely death at the hands of Afia.

We will now be controlling the character of Afia who is in search of the Red Marley. It is also during this beginning segment when we can attempt to collect our first mission badge.



In order to be able to unlock the Sequence Break badge we will need to get past the Prognosticar without killing them. These are basically the first set of enemy targets that we will encounter. There is quite a few of them.

We can either choose to perform stealth knockdowns on them or simply sneak past and ignore them. Either way we do not want to get caught. Also, be wary of their field of vision which is represented by a coloured cone. It will be green to indicate that they have yet to spot you. However, this will change to yellow if they begin to suspect something.

For the guard just before the small river crossing simply climb up to the top of the rocky ledge and dive on to the target from above. This completes the Ascend Rock Pillar objective.


For this one you do not want to use any distractions throughout this mission. So just focus on using stealth and being aware of your surroundings and the enemy locations.


When you reach the Red Marley ship, which is apparently the ship that belongs to Black-Eye Mordechai. We will find Ignacia. Watch the scene.

Now Red Marley will instruct us to get on the boat by using the large chain. However, instead, ignore them as we do not want to use this chain and there is another alternative for getting aboard.

There should be a rocky bridge that will allow us to cross over the water below. Here we will also unlock a tutorial on green bells and captured memories.

Continue making your war around the cliffside to find a ledge with a couple of targets patrolling the area. There should be two on the left and a solo guard to the right. Sneak past the one on the right and drop down to the area below.

Here there will be quite a few large cages, continue on to find another bridge and the ship. Board it to complete this next one.


Once aboard the Red Marley we will encounter many of the patrolling guard. However, our main objective is to break both of the two seals. One of which can be found near the stern. Whilst the other is at the forecastle quarters. Basically one at each side of the ship. Try not to use Afia’s Time Freeze throughout this mission.

We have now freed Red Marley.


For this one when you manage to board the ship simply try to stealth and sneak your way around. Try not to trigger any of the guards and do not kill any of them. Though the Custodes are an exception


For this one all we need to do is complete the mission. The Red Marley Rising chapter is actually quite a simple one. It is very linear and short.

In short the Red Marley Rising mission in Shadow Gambit The Cursed Crew mainly requires quite a bit of stealth and sneaking around. Avoiding being detected as much as possible. Especially if you plan on collecting all six mission badges.

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