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All Fontaine Legends locations within the Genshin Impact 4.0 update. There are 8 to find and fight in total. Each legend has their own unique abilities, strengths and rewards. Finding and defeating them all will unlock the Iron Viscount, Fading Veteran, The Fairy Knight Twins, Ocean Circuit Judge, Ninianne of the Lake, Dobharcu, Lord of the Hidden, Swords of the Gorge and Vivianne of the Lake achievement.

So 8 legends and eight achievements to unlock, lets go..


With the new Genshin Impact Fontaine update 4.0 there is yet more content to get stuck into. From new bosses, locations, achievements and more! One of new features to this update are the addition of new legends.

These legends are boss enemies that we must find and defeat. Each one will unlock its own unique achievement as well as additional rewards too.

To find out which legend you have successfully defeated and to claim their rewards we can scroll over to the Wonders of the World achievements list. Each defeated legend will appear here.


The order in which you search and defeat these legend bosses does not matter. Just concentrate on finding them and wrecking their day. So to speak, anyway.


The Iron Viscount can be found in the depths of the Beryl Region. Near the Elton Trench. Here you will want to search for an underground cave. So continue swimming and exploring until you find such a cave.

Follow this cave. It is rather linear so don’t worry about getting lost. Once this sunken hideaway begins to open up a bit more you should then be able to find your prey.

The Iron Viscount is a level 91 boss fight. It will attack by using a combination of spin attacks, Spin to Win, basically. As well as firing off projectiles. The boss itself will take the appearance of a hermit crab of sorts.


We can find Ninianne of the Lake north west of the Beryl Region. By the shore at Elynas. The creature will resemble a blue floating fish. However, you do not need to investigate underwater. In fact this one enjoys just strolling the beaches. Ninianne is basically a water spirit.

It is also a rather fast water spirit with the ability to float around and use spin and dive attacks.


Head to the Court of Fontaine region and, more specifically, to the Chemin de L’Espoir. We have another under water fiend to slay!

This creature resembles a pink looking fish that enjoys going invisible. Whilst it tries to hide it will also summon water bubble projectiles towards us. Hence its name ‘Lord of the Hidden’.

In order to locate it we need to take note of these bubbles. Determine where they are being summoned from. Then attack in that direction. You should then be able to hit your target. If you manage to aim correctly the Dobharcu will reveal itself.


Another one that can be found at the Court of Fontaine region. Head to the Thalatta Submarine Canyon and make your way under water. Here we will have both Cortana and Murgleis, the two Sword of the Gorge.

These two resemble that of two pink deadly stingray. They can attack using their pectoral fins which will fire out projectile damage. In order to successfully defeat them you will need to wait until they decide to synch up together.

When they synch up they will create a blue connection using the water. This connection is tied to a bubble in the middle. Destroy this bubble. It’s a game of patience really. It will probably take 2-3 successful attacks towards this bubble to deal the ultimate blow.


Proceed to the Court of Fontaine region and head south of Salacia Plain. Our next foe is also an underwater target. Resembling yet more pink stingrays. Very much like the Sword of the Gorge.

Their attacks are also very much the same too. Using their fins for projectile damage. Also just like with the previous set of stingrays we need to watch out for their synching up together. When they do aim at the bubble in the middle of their tether.


Returning to the Beryl Region, north of Elton Trench in the Salacia Plain. Here we have yet another underwater hermit crab. This one is known as a Giant Enemy Crab. Though its descriptive name may be different, it is still very much similar to the Iron Viscount.

It throws out projectile attacks and enjoys a good spin too. Very, very similar. However, for this fight you may want to try and deflect its incoming projectiles. Basically parry its attacks. Though this does not quite work for its fancy spin manoeuver.


The Fading Veteran is located over at the Beryl Region, south of Elton Trench. Head underwater and search for a large blue fish. That kind of resembles a large seal. It is also another familiar foe, just with a different name. It is the Dobharcu.

Meaning this particular enemy enjoys going invisible and casting bubble-like projectiles. Remember to search for where these bubbles are coming from and aim in that direction. Alternatively just spam attacks and hope for the best.


Vivianne of the Lake is located at the Court of Fontaine region. To the north and by the shore. From there head up the grassy hill. This creature will be blue in colour and will be stood on a portal.

This one is a bit similar to Ninianne.

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