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The Case Closed: Amame’s Actions trophy achievement requires players to Clear the VR section Perfectly. This can be done during Chapter 4 with Ryuki.

The Amame’s Actions section requires players to figure out and find clues to where Amame went and why she did not untie Ryuki. Our clues this time will involve finding rope and tripods.


Here we find ourselves in a room with various book cases, tripods, and cameras. For our first objective whilst in this room we will need to determine where Amame went first.

If you turn your attention towards the floor you should be able to locate some ‘Rope’.

Ryuki will then mention that Amame had stopped trying to untie him. We will also come across her fake nail amongst the rope.


To continue the investigation we will now want to inspect the Camera Tripod. The game will state the obvious by telling us that ‘The camera tripod is tripped over’

Ryuki will also mention that Amame managed to trip over the tripod by accident.

On the floor by the large screen we can find an Electric Kettle.

Here Ryuki will mention Ameme running into the table, which caused the kettle to fall on to the floor.

Head through the West Door and we will find some footprints. These footprints have apparently left a trail from the puddle of water to the west door.

After successfully getting all of the required clues, Ryuki will then question why Amame stopped trying to untie him. He will then suggest that might have something to do with Tearer entering the studio.


After the scene we will then need to X-ray the room. Here we can locate our final clue.

So head towards the Amabie-TV display and switch to the X-ray mode. Here we will find a group of what look like holograms. However, one of them will stand out more than the rest. Inspect this to continue.

It turns out that Tearer was indeed at the studio.

The Case Closed: Amame’s Actions trophy achievement should then pop!


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