AI: The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative – Case Closed: Corpse Transport (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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The Case Closed: Corpse Transport trophy achievement requires players to Clear the VR section Perfectly. This can be done during Chapter 1 with Mizuki

The Corpse Transport section requires players to figure out and find clues to how the corpse got to its current location, without any footprints having been left behind. We will also be trying to replay Tearer’s actions.


Whilst inspecting the body we will be given several options to choose from. Our goal is to work out how the body was carried and we do not have any footprints that we can to use for clues or hints.

When the various options present themselves we will want to select and choose the ‘Over Soccer Field’ (top option)

We will now be notified that the only injuries to the body is the cut itself. Mizuki will also mention that there should be other traces and prints around.


For this next part we do not have to travel too far. In fact we are basically already at our next destination. All we have to do is inspect the Halfway Line

At the halfway line we will manage to find a tire track. Aiba will suggest that the tire track matches something with a single wheel and was used to carry the body.


After successfully finding the tire track we will then be given several options to choose from. We will need to determine what was used to carry the body.

Given that it was a tire track that we found and Aiba confirmed that it was something with a single wheel. We should now have enough of an idea as to what option to go with. If not then the correct option is ‘Robot’ (left option)

We will then find a screw and some oil on the halfway line. This will practically confirm that it was indeed a robot.

This will then complete this segment and the Case Closed: Corpse Transport trophy achievement should then pop!


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