AI: The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative – Letters On Monument (Chapter 2 – Puzzle) Guide

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During Chapter 2 of AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative, whilst playing as the character of Mizuki, we will come across a puzzle.

This particular puzzle will involve pieces of paper, arrows, and letters on a monument. The latter one will have the letters ‘AEF’ written on it. Whilst the pieces of paper will have two pairs of intersecting arrows.

We need to work out what all of this means in order to progress on..


During Chapter 2 and whilst playing as the character of Mizuki we will need to gather clues. These clues will contain Letters on Monument (this will have the letters AEF written on it), Pieces of Paper in Balloon (this will have two pairs of intersecting arrows), and finally Letters Inside Body (this will have the letters RLE written on it). Using these clues we will then need to work out what the hints mean.

Our main hint and clue to this puzzle are the letters which we have been given. This includes the following letters; A, E, F, R, L, E.

Now if you look at these letters and try to make a word out of them, it might make things a little bit more easier. If you are still stumped then by using these letters we can make the word ALFREE.

After inputting the correct code Aiba will then suggest that the search should be related to ALFREE. If you have been paying attention to the game thus far, then you should have noted that Lien can usually be seen with a non-alcoholic beer that is known as ALFREE. Meaning that we have seen these letters before.


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