AI: The Somnium Files NirvanA Initiative – Naix Office (Chapter 2 – Puzzle Solution) Guide

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During Chapter 2 whilst playing as Ryuki you will come across Naix Office. It is here where you will stumble across a puzzle that involves numbers and symbols.

Our clues for solving this puzzle is that the solution contains seven digits.

Whilst exploring Naix Office you will come across a room with some statues and the body of Tokiko. It is in this room where you can gather some more hints and clues as to what this puzzle solution might be.

If we examine the wall we can then find a device for entering a PIN code. More importantly, if we investigate the Desk Front we will be given a numbered grid.

Now in order to solve this one we will need to perform a bit of multiplication. We can perform this multiplication by using this numbered grid.

In order to get the correct set of numbers we will need to multiply the numbers starting with the top and going down vertical. So in this case we would start with 4, 3×3, 2x0x2, 1x1x1,x1,2x0x2, 3×3, 5. This would then give us the answer to our puzzle, 4901095


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