Assassins Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarok (DLC) – All Fornama Dig Site (Platinum Ingot) Wealth Guide

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When you arrive at the Fornama Dig Site, in Uldar you will realise that there is a few wealth collectibles that we can collect. These wealth collectibles are actually Platinum Ingot.

There is a total of 2 Platinum Ingot to find and collect, both of which are hidden inside treasure boxes.


This first Platinum Ingot can be found to the west of the Fornama Dig Site.

You can find it by going down an underground passageway, there will be quite a lot of fire down here. However, more importantly there will also be a treasure box containing the Platinum Ingot.


This Platinum Ingot can be found to the east of the Fornama Dig Site.

Here you should be able to spot a boulder that you can aim at and drop, doing so will cause the floor below to crumble and reveal an underground passageway.

After successfully dropping the boulder proceed underground. Here we will stumble across a wall full of rocks that is currently blocking our way, destroy this to reveal the chest containing the Platinum Ingot.

(Note: The Platinum Ingot are part of the Fornama Dig Site wealth collectibles)


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