Assassins Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarok (DLC) – Har Smida Mythical Memory Guide

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Mythical Memories are special visions that players can unlock within Assassins Creed Valhalla ‘Dawn of Ragnarok’. Each vision will delve into the story of Thor, Loki, and many other Norse mythology related characters.

After completing one of these mythical memories you will be rewarded with Skill Points. This specific page will be focusing on the Har Smida mythical memory, which is part of Uldar.

REWARD: 1 Skill Point
INFO: This mythical memory can be found underground, where you will come across an anvil and golden hair.


”The golden hair of Sif, wife of Thor. Why Loki cut it off, only Loki knows… but Thor was less than pleased.

Loki wisely chose to make amends. A new head of hair for Sif, finer than the last… and so he set off for Svartalfheim.

At Loki’s request, Ivaldi’s sons made for him tresses of the purest gold, which would fix to Sif’s scalp and grow as real hair would.

Loki had what he needed. But now that he’d seen what the master smiths of Svartalfheim could do… he wanted more.”


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