Assassins Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarok (DLC) – Uldar Light Beam Puzzle (Rage Axe) Guide

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The Assassins Creed Valahalla ‘Dawn of Ragnarok’ expansion features many new puzzles to find, solve, and complete. One such puzzle can be found in Uldar.

The Uldar puzzle involves playing around with various light beams in order to unlock doors. One of these doors will lead to a new ability known as the Rage Axe.

Here is a simple guide on how to complete this one…


Head to Uldar and more specifically to the puzzle room.

Now in order to solve this rather easy puzzle you are going to want to use the light pedestal here, this pedestal is directing light. Which makes this one such an easy and simple puzzle to solve.

Point the light from the pedestal to the matching coloured symbol above the locked doors here, this will then open these doors.

With the doors now open we can now go and collect our rewards. Opening the door on the left will allow us to climb up onto the nearby ledge and claim the new Rage Skill ability. Whilst in the actual room itself we can find all kinds of different rewards including; Silver and Opal.

Meanwhile if we direct the light to the door on the right we will be rewarded with the Enriching Silicia Process note


The Rage Axe is a one of the many Melee Abilities

Dream World Amplified

Perform a series of strong axe hits which stun the enemy.

Pressing the corresponding buttons at the right time to perform a finishing uppercut. Doing so will consume an additional Adrenaline bar.


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