Assassins Creed Valhalla: Dawn Of Ragnarok (DLC) – Where To Find The Fire Giant Armor Guide

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The Fire Giant Armor is one of the Fire Giant Armor set pieces, it can be found in Skidgardr and requires you to learn the Power of the Raven.

With the Power of the Raven you can then locate and find the necessary, First Skidgardr Chest Key

In order to begin your search for the Fire Giant Armor you will have to first acquire the Power of the Raven ability. From there you will then need to travel to Skidgardr

At Skidgardr activate the Power of the Raven and you should notice a key nearby, the only way to reach it is by flying towards it and picking it up. Collect the key (First Skidgardr Chest Key)

There will be yet another Skidgardr key (Second Skidgardr Chest Key) up on the fiery hill nearby.

With both keys collected you will then want to access the underground area that is connect to this fiery hill. Here you will find the necessary treasure box.


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