Baldur’s Gate 3 – Easy Way To Kill Goblins (Poison – Goblin Camp) Guide

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As you continue your adventure through Baldur’s Gate 3 you will no doubt encounter the Goblin Camp.

The Goblin Camp is a location during Act 1 Chapter 1 of the game, and obviously it is home to the Goblins

Now you can either decide to kill them the long and more difficult way by just initiating a fight as per normal. However, this as I have said is the more difficult and really unnecessary approach to all of this.

A much more quicker and simpler way to dealing with those pesky but somewhat adorable Goblins is to Poison their drink, then laugh at your cruelty afterwards.

So head to the Goblin Camp (if you are not already there and let us begin!)

  • Now staying outside where most of the Goblins are hunched up and celebrating their latest kill, you should notice a rather small and white coloured drink crate (marked above) It is here where our cruelty can begin!
  • Now obviously if we try this without first preparing ourselves then it will most likely backfire on us. Thus use a Potion of Invisibility on your team member that you plan on using to poison the camp.
  • You can get a Potion of Invisibility from either Auntie Ethel (Druid Grove) and / or Roah Moonglow (Shattered Sanctum)
  • Using a Potion of Invisibility will help you get away with your crimes and thus not get caught in the act.
  • After using the potion you should then be free to select the drink cart, do so.
  • Now you will need to combine ingredients for the next part to work. The only real ingredient that we need is a Bottle of Poison
  • You can get a Bottle Of Poison from enemy drops (Barton, Bugbear Assassin and Mari usually drop them but they may be obtained through other means too). You can also use other forms of Poison too such as Wyvern Poison. Simply experiment as most Poison related bottles should work for this.
  • When you have picked your Poison, simply combine it (You don’t need to use anything else)
  • A scene will now occur and you can go through the various dialogue if you want to.
  • The end result should be a camp full of dead and unfortunate Goblin corpses, if not then there will be a very small amount of Goblins that may want to fight you. A much smaller number of them if you opted to fight them as normal. Easy, right?


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