Biomutant – All 20 Gumduck Locations (Quack) Guide

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In this next guide we will be going quackers looking for Gumducks. There is a total of 20 Gumducks to be found and collected. Getting them all will net you with the trophy achievement Quack

You can unlock the ability to farm for these Gumducks after completing the main mission, Gumquack Hollow. They are also said to spawn every 45 minutes to an hour

You can find their locations below..


  • LOCATION: Domp Outpost
  • INFO:
  • There will be a tunnel on the water which you can ride into, you will now be in Gumquack Hollow.
  • Here get off your boat and head through the ventilation fan, keep following the path and you should eventually come across the duckies!
  • You should be able to get 6 ducks on your first trip
  • Then you will have to wait between 45 minutes – an hour until they respawn once again.
  • Repeat this process until you have successfully managed to capture 20 ducks

SOURCE: WarbyGaming


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