Biomutant – How To Get Pri Murgel Sword (Best Weapon) Guide

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The Pri Murgel Sword is the best (7 Star) sword within the game, acquiring it also grants you the trophy achievement Starstruck

In order to obtain it you will need to begin the side questThe Lumentower

  • Head to the location near to the Porky Puff Place
  • Here you should notice a Lighthouse. We need to get to this Lighthouse!
  • However, when you try to get close to this said Lighthouse you will come across a locked door, thankfully if you look to the left of the door you should notice a switch box that you can use
  • This activates a small yet simple puzzle to solve
  • Simply rotate the very top switch so that the white band it seen at the top, as shown in the pictures above.
  • Now we can move on..
  • We will now discover that the Lighthouse is actually known as the Lumentower
  • Head inside the Lumentower and climb your way to the very top of the building
  • The side quest The Lumentower will now activate
  • Now head up the broken ladder and to the beacon or light of the building. The game however will call it the Lumenlamp
  • Turn the Lumenlamp in order to light up a nearby cave
  • Now we need to head to this cave, so go ahead and do so by whatever means necessary
  • Once you arrive you will now need to climb the wall to the very top
  • Open the cave by interacting with the symbols
  • You will now have to fight a Surf Huggel
  • After dealing with that you will then want to interact with the symbol doors (there is a total of 3 altogether) and you may need to interact with them in a certain order from left to right
  • The Pri Murgel Sword should then begin to light up
  • The Pri Murgel has a stat of (Heat 125, Damage 225-450, Two-Handed Slash, Level Needed 18)
  • The Lumentower side quest should then end
  • Now to begin with the Pri Murgel Sword will only be a 5.5 Star which is okay but we can make it even better, in fact we can make it into the best sword in the game so lets do that shall we?
  • Simply head to the Blacksmith and buy additional stuff for the sword such as Gridstripe and Hackcurve. Doing this will increase the sword from a 5.5 Star to a 7 Star
  • The Pri Murgel Sword stats will now be at (Damage 884-1335)
  • What a nice weapon, right?
  • You will also obtain the Starstruck trophy achievement


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