Biomutant – How To Unlock The Googlider Vehicle Guide

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Ever wondered how to get across the water? In Biomutant a lot of key items and locations can be found by travelling across the water. However, it isn’t always apparent as to how to actually cross it.

Thankfully with the Googlider we can now safely cross the water and here is how to unlock it!

(Note: In order to be able to summon it once you do have it unlocked, you simply need to hit down on the d-pad)

  • LOCATION: Subnautica Station
  • INFO:
  • Near the Subnautica Station there should be a board with lots of notices on, this will actually activate the side quest ‘Subnautica Station‘. Lets head inside
  • When you arrive at the signpost turn and head right, basically keep following the marker on the screen, it will lead you to more dialogue about the surf looking cleaner back before it got abandoned
  • Return back to the signpost once again and this time head left to find Goop cleaning the submarine, this will now activate the main quest ‘Skronk Salvage
  • Now keep following the marker on the screen through a tunnel and up some ladders, eventually the path will take you along a narrow yellow beam and to a valve puzzle, the solution is as follows;
  • RIGHT VALVE – Turn right once
  • MIDDLE VALVE – Turn right once
  • LEFT VALVE – Turn right twice
  • This will now lower the water in the room, you will now have to smash through the wall using the Old World Klonkfist, the quest marker will now lead you to a circuitboard puzzle
  • The solution is as follows;
  • Middle, Bottom, Bottom, Bottom, Middle, Top, Bottom, Middle
  • The gate will now open and we can proceed, climb along the walls to reach the top and face down a Huggel followed then by a Guerilla Miniboss. After the fight inspect the crate or wrekbox in order to find a Skrupburst
  • After getting the Skrupburst we can now report back to Goop at the Submarine, we now have the Googlider!


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