Close To The Sun – Ada’s Safe Room Puzzle Solution (Fancy Calculations) Guide

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During Chapter 3 you will eventually end up inside Ada’s room and in order to progress Ada will want you to obtain her research.

However, where exactly is this lovely bit of research? How do I find it? Well the answer to that is, that it is hiding behind a Safe Puzzle that we need to solve!

You see those lovely shapes objects that are scattered all over the room? Well we are going to be needing those, they are not there for decoration, oh no! they have a much bigger and important purpose than that!

Solving and retrieving the much needed research will reward you with the Fancy Calculations trophy achievement, however first we need to find a way to solve this puzzle, right? 

Okay first off, you will need to grab the little piece of paper that hides under the book on the table in the main room. Picking this up actually allows you to remove a picture off the wall next to you, so go and do that and I’ll wait here..go on shoo!

Are we done? have we dismantled that lovely little photo? shame on you! Never mind, lets proceed. You should now see a lovely little Safe Puzzle and before you scream and panic over a puzzle, don’t forget that I am here to give you pointers or to just basically tell you the answer!

In fact if you just want the answers I’ll jot them down here for you..

1) Wind
2) B (looking thing)
3) Electricity
4) Wind

Viola! you should be done! Now crawl your buttocks through the vent below and the book to the right is what you actually want, picking this up continues the story and rewards you with the trophy achievement.

Basically the answer is the following..

For those still struggling, then you have to examine the shape objects that are in the room, there should be 4 in total. Each of these shapes have a small icon on them. The shapes correspond to the pictures on the left side of the Safe puzzle and the little drawing on the shapes correspond to the pictures on the right side of the Safe Puzzle.
Simple match the left and right side of the Safe Puzzle to complete the puzzle!

Thanks to Rose:
In the Ada’s Safe Puzzle Room there’s 4 geometric shapes which represents the 4 natural elements: fire, water (not electricity) , wind and earth (not the B looking thingy).
So to solve it, basically you have to match the element to the corresponding shape, at the point where they meet, just like I showed in the picture, even though the example in the picture is incorrect but I added the picture so people would understand what they have to match.
For example, pyramid = wind.
There’s no one solution to the puzzle, there’s actually several, since the puzzle randomize in a way each time you use the rirst switch (the one that controls the geometrical shapes).
Please review your existing solution for the puzzle since it’s not the correct one and it only confuses people even further.

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