Close To The Sun – Chapter 1 – The Border Of Hermes (All Collectibles – All Aboard) Guide

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There are many collectibles to find and collect within the Close to the Sun game. Some of which are really well hidden and can take quite a while to find.

Getting all of the collectibles during Chapter 1 unlike the Prologue will actually net you a trophy / achievement known as All Aboard. Below is a quick and simple guide on where to find each one!


1) Nicola’s Passport – As you progress you will eventually end up inside. In one of the side rooms there should be a large room with a white sign for ‘WardenClyffe Employees’ written on. This sign should be above the reception desk opposite a small flight of steps, to the right of the reception desk should be the first collectible sitting on a red chair.

2) Jung-Hwan’s Passport – In a room with Blackboards and table that seems to of been used to form a plan and strategy, you will find this collectible on a table next to the ‘Strategy table’ and Typewriter. 

3) Ananya’s Passport –  In order to progress the story you will need to turn on the power and in order to do so, you will need to play about with plates that have Arrows on. In doing so the doors to the Power supply opens, inside one of these ‘Power Supply’ rooms is the next collectible. 

4) David’s Passport – After finding a cryptic message from one of the tubes, you should find a set of ladders next to you that you can climb. Next to a pump with a sign that reads ‘Pneumatic Messages’ is the next collectible

5) Silvia’s Passport – Heading back down the ladders from collectible #4, there should be a door that you can open that leads to a small room that leads to a blocked hallway. In this exact room there should be a room numbered 113 next to you, it is inside here where you should find the last collectible.

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