Close To The Sun – Happy Birthday (Birthday Room) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Close to the Sun has many trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one of which is the Happy Birthday trophy achievement.

This one requires you to find the room full of Balloons, which is actually quite a straight forward task, though it does require you to progress the story a bit first though.

To obtain this trophy achievement you will first need to be on Chapter 3. From there you will eventually find yourself in a rather large room with a rotating statue.

Now near the rotating statue there will be several sets of steps that you can go up, all of which leads to a block of flats with names for each one, the name of flats that you are looking for is EPSILOR, so make your way to the EPSILOR flats and then we can move on.

Once there you should see a reception desk, now behind this reception desk there will be a small key-holder with several keys on. Grab these keys and then we can again continue on to the last part. 

Now you should also see several doors that lead to people’s flats, with the new keys in hand you can open at least two of these doors and one of which, the one on the very far left leads to the Balloon room. 

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