Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course – Secret Boss (Broken Relic / Graveyard Puzzle) Guide

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Whilst exploring Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (DLC) you will more than likely stumble across the Porkrind’s Emporium shop.

The Porkrind’s Emporium shop has many items available for sale, including; Twist-Up (Cyclone Spiral), and, more interestingly enough, the Broken Relic.

The Broken Relic is used for solving a puzzle involving gravestones. and for unlocking a secret boss fight.

The Broken Relic is an Unknown item that can be purchased for a single coin. Not much is known about it and its description is rather vague and basic. All it reads is that it is a simple bauble of unknown origin. So what exactly does it do? It must hold a purpose, right?

Begin to purchase the Broken Relic and we can then proceed to find out more. It only requires a single coin to purchase, so you should have no real problems here. We can get coins by completing various stages and levels.

Now that we have successfully purchased the Broken Relic we can then exit the shop.

Next to the shop there is a podium with various NPC characters standing on top of it. It is now time for a riddle. Note: The riddle may be random, this is why we need to speak to these NPC characters.

We need to speak to all 3 NPC characters and listen to what they say. Each one will give us a small brief hint as to what the riddle solution will be. We also need to speak to them in their correct order, meaning we will need to first speak with the winner and then the runner up, followed then by the third place contestant (basically leave the loser until last)

Keep an eye on what each contestant has to say. We will need to be looking out for mentions regarding directions. For example;

‘AS A WINNER, I NEVER GAVE UP! LEFT ‘EM LOOKING FOOLISH!’ – This indicates that the first part of the solution is UP LEFT

‘I LEFT DOWNTOWN IN A HURRY, AND FORGOT MY GEAR. I’LL SETTLE FOR SECOND’ – This one is basically saying that our second solution is LEFT DOWN

‘THIRD PLACE? I GUESS THINGS CAN ONLY GO UP FROM HERE!’ – Our final piece of the riddle is UP

Of course this may, as already mentioned, be random for you but this is basically what you need to be looking out for.

With the above clues and directions this makes the solution to the riddle as UP LEFT, LEFT DOWN, UP

Now head to the graveyard, which is just south of the store and our current location. Here equip the Broken Relic. We will find the Broken Relic under the Charm menu.

Now using the directions that we were given by the contestants, we will now want to inspect the gravestones in the correct order.

This will then result in the centre middle grave beginning to glow. If we inspect this particular grave we can then choose to take a nap.

This will then let us fight a secret boss against an angel and a demon. It is regarded as one of the toughest fights within the game.


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