Cyberpunk 2077 – Beat On The Brat (Side Job / Quest) Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 has many different and optional side quests or in this case Side Jobs that you can attempt to complete. One of which is Beat On The Brat

Side Jobs are often unlocked through talking to various NPC characters and/or getting random messages.

This specific quest involves beating on a robot

  • LOCATION: Watson – Little China
  • QUEST GIVER: Coach Fred


  • This one will first trigger as you first get the chance to explore the city of Watson. You will see a man fighting a robot.
  • Speak to this man who is known as Coach Fred.
  • Accept to battle the robot (Sure, why not). It shouldn’t be difficult but you can only use your fists, so remember to block.
  • After about two or three hits the robot will go down.
  • Proceed and speak to the Coach once again in order to complete the quest.


  • Beat On The Brat: Kabuki (Side Quest) unlocked


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