Cyberpunk 2077 – The Gift (Side Job / Quest) Guide

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Cyberpunk 2077 has many different and optional side quests or in this case Side Jobs that you can attempt to complete. One of which is The Gift

Side Jobs are often unlocked through talking to various NPC characters and/or getting random messages.

This specific quest involves getting a Ping Cyberdeck

  • LOCATION: Watson – Kabuki


  • This quest can be triggered after the first rescue mission (Story Related)
  • T-Bug will tell you about a Ping Quickhack that can be obtained from a Netrunner
  • After getting the quest we now have to find this Netrunner. You can find her in a building over on Watson – Kabuki
  • The Netrunner is named Yoko. Speak to her and tell her that T-Bug sent you to get a programme
  • Always glad to grab a hack
  • Then choose to purchase the Ping (It will be marked with a yellow mark)
  • Then after the purchase equip the Ping by heading into the Inventory menu
  • Here select the Cyberdeck section and then the Ping
  • With the Ping successfully equipped, look up to see a camera.
  • Hack into the camera (L1 – PS4) and then select the Ping
  • After successfully doing that the camera will then point to something on the wall.
  • Upon investigation you will see an Access Point that can be used to hack into local networks.
  • This next section is often random, but you need to press the numbers and letters that appear on the right.
  • After doing that the quest will end.


106 – $ Eddies


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