Darksiders III (3) : Catacombs – Sword Puzzle Guide

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As you venture through the Catacombs you will come across 3 statues but only one of which has a Sword.
You need to recover the other two. This puzzle involves a Bug Bomb and Webs.
What you need to do first is to head to higher ground and around the corner to see something in which you can jump and swing onto. Proceed to do so, whilst swinging you can burn the Webs away, doing so will ignite the webs on the wall and thus knock the Bug food to the floor.
Your next task is to throw the only Bug in the room towards the food so it is eating, as it eats it starts to turn red.
When it is red head for the red webbing nearest the Jump beam in which you where swinging on (left wall) and proceed to burn the web here to ignite the rest of the webbing. Now quickly turn around and stand on the Platform which revolves the platform above and reveals the sword, do this quick enough to have the Web burn and hit this Sword and change its colour.


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