Death Stranding : A Baby Blessing (Get A Like From BB) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Death Stranding has many different trophies and achievements that you can collect, one of which is A Baby Blessing, which requires you to get a Like from BB

Now in order to achieve this you need to at least be at the start of Chapter 3 and thus have BB with you. 

Now when you gain control of Sam and have BB nicely strapped around you, you can then sit and get a cold drink or something. Yup, the next part is actually quiet boring to be honest.

The next step actually requires you to go idle and do nothing, that is correct nothing. What should happen here is Sam should start getting impatient and eventually start whistling. When this happens BB will light up and start performing a nice little dance. BB will only light up once however, Sam can whistle as often and as much as he wants.

There is also another cinematic that involves Sam sitting down, though this also activates another trophy / achievement you will not get the Baby Blessing trophy / achievement if Sam does indeed sit down. Thus, make sure you give the controller a slight nudge and hope he switches to the other cinematic next time instead. 

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