Death Stranding : Memory Chip Locations (Fount Of Knowledge) Trophy Achievement Guide

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The Memory Chips are scattered around the entire map, thanks to the Watchtowers and the fact other players can also put these up, it means that if you are always scanning you should theoretically speaking manage to find them all without too many issues.

However, if you are still struggling we have come up with a guide on all of the different locations. Getting them all will net you the Fount of Knowledge trophy achievement. There are 56 in total. 

​Please note the numbers listed below are purely for guidance only and does not actually correspond to that specific collectible in any way.

#1 ​Frame Arms – Byakko

LOCATION: Capital Knot City – Waystation

#2 Frame Arms Girls – Byakko


#3 God of War Soundtrack

LOCATION: Between Wind Farm and Knot City – Distribution Center 

#4 An Unknown Man’s Journal Part 1

LOCATION: In the Ruined Shelter area, you will come across this during the Bring South Knot City together and Toolbox main story delivery. 

#5 Christine

LOCATION: Between Elder and Engineer

#6 Frame Arms (Kagetora)

LOCATION: Lake Knot City

#7 Frame Arms (Genbu)

LOCATION: Weather Station

#8 Frame Arms (Mingwu)

LOCATION: Mama’s Lab

#9 Max Factory Ludens Figma

LOCATION: East of Mam’s Lab. (South Knot City)

#10 Soap Bubbles

LOCATION: Timefall Farm

#11 Yamaha RD500 LC

LOCATION: Incinerator West of Lake Knot City

#12 Eggshell Carving

LOCATION: Between Engineer and Lake Knot City

#13 Godzilla

LOCATION: Mountain Knot City

#14 Prime Studio 1/2 Scale Ludens Statue

LOCATION: North of Mountain Knot City

Below is a video (Thanks to: Gaming with Abyss) of all of the remaining Memory Chip locations. There are 56 in total

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