Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed – All 5 Posters Locations (Bay City) Guide

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As players continue to explore the world of Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed, they will no doubt come across the many different collectibles. One of which are the posters.

The posters help towards unlocking the Arty Facts, Gotta Catch All The Pop Art, and This is Earth Radio trophy achievements. Which are all connected to the various different collectibles within the game.

Posters are usually found on various different building walls. They can generally be difficult to spot.

This specific page will be focusing on the locations of these posters within the Bay City map. There is a total of 5 posters to be found here.

POSTERS #1 (Bay City Humans)
GUIDE: Head north of the map to find a watch tower, the poster in in there.

POSTERS #2 (Hippies)
GUIDE: This one is on the wall by some colourful graffiti.

POSTERS #3 (Bay City Cops)
GUIDE: Head east of the map and you will find this one on a wall by a bunch of benches.

POSTERS #4 (Bay City Soldiers)
GUIDE: Heading north east of the map and you will come across a pier, the poster is on the wall here.

POSTERS #5 (KGB Agents)
GUIDE: Head to the isolated island in the center of the map and you will find this one by some stairs.


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