Destroy All Humans! Remake (2020) – Do Feed The Sharks (Demonstrate Furon Free Spirit) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that can be unlocked within Destroy All Humans! Remake (2020), one of which is Do Feed The Sharks

Do Feed The Sharks
 involves the player needing to Demonstrate Furon free spirit near a warning sign placed by the human authorities

You can pull this one off by heading to the third map, Santa Modesta

As previously mentioned, make your way to the Santa Modesta map

From where you arrive in Santa Modestahead North and over the buildings here

Keep going past the small swimming pool here

You should now reach the beach, which considering that it is Sharks that we are after here, this is the area we need to be in.

You can also read the sign here too, if you want. Though chances are you will most likely not be able to read it via the provided image above, not unless you squint hard enough ha! For those wondering the actual sign reads Don’t Feed The Sharks, yea thanks for the warning but I’m not exactly in the listening mood today.

After reading the warning and choosing NOT to listen to it, there should now be a person next to you. Isn’t quite a convenience that a person, one person that is just so happens to be right where we want them to be? Perhaps they want to go for a bit swim? I bet the water is lovely these days..

Choosing to stand by the Don’t Feed The Sharks sign, joyfully pick up the clueless human and throw them into the sea, like the images above show. Don’t forget to wave and smile after you watch them land in the water for the hungrily awaiting Sharks..

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