(DMC5) Devil May Cry 5: Eagle Eyed (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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Here we guide you on how to unlock the Eagle Eyed Trophy / Achievement, which involves destroying a wall in Mission 9

Okay so for this one we need to of course be on Mission Chapter 9 Genesis. Now from the start of the mission you will want to follow the path as normal until you reach the first mini boss Behemoth

Taking care of him you can now continue along the path. Eventually you will reach a fork, the left path leads to advancing the story BUT we want to ignore that path for now and instead continue onward. 
You will now reach a platform in which you can climb up, on top of this platform is a wall with several posters on it.

Now here you can probably vaguely see a glowing Gold Orb, tempting to get is it not? Unfortunately there is no real indication on how to get it.
Thankfully however this riddle can be solved by Summoning Nightmare (L1 = PS4) so do so and watch him crash his way through the wall with his wonderful Teleportation skills. Thus breaking the wall and allowing us to not only get the Trophy / Achievement but the Gold Orb too lovely!

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