DOOM Eternal : All Mission Collectibles (Mission 13 – Final Sin) Sentinel Battery, Toys, Weapon Mods Guide

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There are many different collectibles to find and locate during your adventures in Doom Eternal. Some of these collectibles include Modbot (Weapon Mods), Codex Pages, Toys and Cheat Codes.

Getting some of these collectibles can unlock the following trophies and achievements;

If Only I Could Read…
Metal Head
Reforged the Genie Lamp
Extra Extra Lives
They’re ALL My Favorite
Breaker of Gates

For this page we will be covering the different collectibles that can be found within Mission 13 – Final Sin. Final Sin has a total of 1 collectible in total

Remember if you miss one for whatever reason, you can teleport to certain sections of the map just before completing each mission


​0:00 – 2:00 : Extra Life
2:00 – 4:08 : Final Sin (Codex) & Extra Life 2
4:08 – 6:06 : Extra Life 3


Codex 1/1

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