DOOM Eternal : All Secret Encounters (Mission 11 – Nekravol (Part 2) Guide

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There are many different Secret Encounter ‘mini mission’ sections to find and locate during your adventures in Doom Eternal.
Unlike the ‘mini missions’ you get in order to obtain the Empyrean Keys, these encounters are mainly based on killing specific demons all within a certain time limit.

It can be tricky to kill these demons within the time limit too as there can be quite a few of them and some areas are rather small which means its easy to get slaughtered instead.

Anyway this page will cover how to defeat and complete the Secret Encounters that are found during Mission 11 – Nekravol (Part 2). Nekravol (Part 2) has 2 Secret Encounters in total, one against several Pain Elements and the other one is against a Baron and a Mancubus. 

These ones are not too bad in terms of difficulty, I actually completed both of these in my first attempt.

The first one you may encounter is the one featuring the Pain Elements, there should be roughly 3-4 of them in total.
The best weapon for this one in my opinion was the Ballista as its quite a powerful weapon and seemed to deal quick enough damage to destroy all of them rather quickly. Of course the choice of weapon is up to you though, perhaps you will find it much more easier to use something else instead.

The other will also be quite easy to complete too, though you will have to fight both a Baron and a Mancubus, well a Cyber-Mancubus to be precise. 
However, neither of them should be too difficult to deal with. First off freeze the Baron as he is much faster and then as the Mancubus starts to make a slow walk towards you just ignore him and finish off the Baron.
After dealing with the Baron you can now turn your attention to the Mancubus, just nail him with whatever weapon you deem useful. For me personally I like to either use the Unmaker or Rocket Launcher. ​

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