DOOM Eternal : All Secret Encounters (Mission 9 – Taras Nabad) Guide

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There are many different Secret Encounter ‘mini mission’ sections to find and locate during your adventures in Doom Eternal.
Unlike the ‘mini missions’ you get in order to obtain the Empyrean Keys, these encounters are mainly based on killing specific demons all within a certain time limit.

It can be tricky to kill these demons within the time limit too as there can be quite a few of them and some areas are rather small which means its easy to get slaughtered instead.

Anyway this page will cover how to defeat and complete the Secret Encounters that are found during Mission 9 – Taras Nabad. Taras Nabad has 2 Secret Encounters in total, one against a Doom Hunter, Cacodemon and a Pain Elemental, whilst the other one features a Marauder

These Secret Encounters are probably the toughest ones to come across thus far but to be honest that just about sums up the entire mission anyway.

Lets begin..

The first one you will probably come across will be the one featuring the Doom Hunter and Pain Elemental.
This one is actually rather difficult to pull off without the BFG, though perhaps not impossible. However, I would recommend using the BFG if your still not used to your weapons or haven’t invested much into them.

What you will want to do is try and get the Cacodemon, Pain Elemental and Doom Hunter all together and then fling an Ice Bomb at them to freeze them all next to each other.
From there use the BFG and this should eliminate both the Pain Elemental and Cacodemon, you should only be left with the Doom Hunter which should hopefully be away from its little kart.

Simply use the Rocket Launcher to finish off the Doom Hunter and only use the Glory Kill if you have enough time thus you won’t run out of time on the last kill, trust me the amount of times I forget to do this has costed me so many attempts during these Secret Encounters.

The second and last one for this mission will be the one featuring the Marauder, thankfully there is only the one of them but you are still being timed so again it can be tough.

By now you should hopefully know how to defeat them, so start this one by either using the Chainsaw on one of the Zombies to gain some much needed ammo and health and lob a Grenade at the other, if you do not quickly dispose of these Zombies chances are they will continue to be a pain during this fight.

As for the Marauder, the weapon I found most effective is the Shotgun and perhaps the Ballista too.
Simply wait until his eyes flash green and then use the Ballista or Shotgun and then quickly after staggering him a bit, use the Hook ability from the Shotgun to get up close and personal to pull of another cheeky shot.

Keep doing this and kill the Tiger that he summons and hopefully he will fall.

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