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Doom Hunter is the first main boss that you will encounter during your adventures in Doom Eternal, he appears right at the end of Mission 4 – Doom Hunter Base.

He is a Skeleton type demon that rides around on a buggy type vehicle, he is also well armored and thus if you are not fighting him properly chances are your attacks will do nothing to him.

“I thought you’d appreciate the sentry I chose. The great Agaddon Hunters from the Telos Realm, though long thought to be extinct, created to hunt only the Slayer and his Night Sentinels during the Unholy Crusade… Some improvements on the design have been made; enjoy what is undoubtedly my finest work.”
― Deag Ranak

So how exactly can you defeat this guy? Well actually it’s quite easy and for a first boss your probably expecting him to be rather easy too.
However, for those who may be struggling there is actually a 2-phase section with this guy.

Simply equip any weapon you enjoy using and aim at the buggy he is currently riding around in, after a few shots the buggy will slowly break.
You need to keep firing at this buggy until it breaks completely and the Demon Hunter will have no other choice but to vacate it and thus he will now be hovering around instead.

What you will want to do here is just shoot at him and this time unlike with Phase 1 it doesn’t matter what part of him you aim for as he will no longer have any form of shield to help him.
At this point I enjoy using the Rocket Launcher to finish him off.

The fight will then end BUT after a few scenes you will then encounter 2 of the Demon Hunters. Simply follow the strategy above and ignore the waves of other demons as they will keep spawning regardless. They are basically there to be a distraction, of course use them if you need to get ammo and health otherwise just ignore them and focus on the Demon Hunters instead.

​It’s quite a simple fight and shouldn’t take too long to finish. 

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