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Gladiator is probably the first real boss in the game and one that has some serious mechanics too.
He appears at the end of Mission 8 – Sentinel Prime, he also has two different phases with the first one being the most easiest obviously.

Anyway lets get started..


The first phase will feature him being rather slow and forever hiding behind his enormous Shield.
This Shield is actually a key trigger in how to actually defeat him, the reason for this is because it has a demonic face on it and the eyes of the demonic face glows green BRIEFLY every now and then.
After coming all this way you should by now know what these green eyes mean, if not for whatever reason then when the eyes flash green it is basically a warning that he is about to attack you and thus you should get your attack in before he does.

His phase 1 attacks aren’t too bad, just keep an eye on his Shield and attack him using a Shotgun preferably when it flashes green. Of course do not forget to get health and ammo from defeating the other demons here if need be.

The Shotgun is the best weapon for this as the opportunity to attack him is very quick, he will only move his Shield briefly and thus you will not have enough time to nail him with any other weapon at this point.


After defeating Phase 1 he will now loose his Shield which may be a good thing but unfortunately he will now become much more aggressive and much more faster too.
So for this phase you can use whatever weapon you feel most comfortable using and retaliate with his aggressive attacks and become equally aggressive to him. 
He no longer has that huge Shield so nailing an attack on him is much less of an issue, just watch out for his attacks though.

Being much more aggressive and faster means that he has a greater chance of hitting you this time around. 
The moves you want to watch out for this time is his Chain Attack which he will swing around and cause a huge amount of damage, there is also his other attack too which will cage you in and a rope of electricity will come for you, simply use it like a rope and jump and duck under the opportunities you should notice with this attack.

The electrical rope as I like to call it will come at you very fast so you wont have much time to be able to dodge these attacks. However, the good part of this specific attack is that at the end of it the Gladiator will then charge at you and this will give you that all too familiar flash of green, meaning you should be able to nail him after every time he does this rope attack.

Otherwise just watch out for his attacks and keep an eye on his green eyes for cues on when to attack.

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