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The Marauder is a boss that you will encounter at the end of Mission 6 – Arc Complex. He is a large skeleton Axe and Shield wielding foe that is also quick and deadly.

The key to defeating this one is to keep at a certain distance at all times, meaning if you get too close he will attack you with his Axe and if you get too far he will attack you using red projectiles.

His only real weakness and the only way to deal any sort of damage to him is to attack him when he gets close and his eyes BRIEFLY flash green.
His eyes going green is also a key way to tell if he is about to attack and you just need to attack him before he lands a hit on you.

The best weapon considering this will be more of a close combat fight will be the Shotgun, so use the Shotgun whenever his eyes flash green, warning this is very brief so keep an eye on those eyes of his.

After he has taken quite a bit of damage he will equip a Shield and try to defend himself with it, just ignore this and keep on hitting him when his eyes turn.

The boss itself isn’t too difficult, the main issue at least for me was the other spawning demons that would get in the way.
So you will need to defeat them but also keep an eye on how far away you are from the Marauder so you don’t get hit by the projectiles.
Defeating the other demons is a good way to stock up on health and ammo if you need to anyway.

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