Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – All 7 Lore Collectibles (The Broken City – Now It Makes Sense) Guide

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As you continue exploring the world of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance you will come across various Tomes, Tablets and other such collectibles. These all count as lore items and getting them all will unlock the Now It Makes Sense trophy achievement

Below is a guide on where to find all of the lore items within the The Mask Of Kelvin – The Broken City mission, here you will find 7 lore items to hunt down


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the entrance to the Broken City
  • GUIDE: From the start of the mission head up the hill and then stop to find a ledge in front of you. Smash the rocks to the left to find a bonfire you can get a warmth from, then climb this ledge to find the first collectible.


  • TYPE: Relief
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Retrieve the Netherese Keystone at the fallen arena
  • GUIDE: Head to the fallen arena and deactivate the purple mechanism to remove the purple substance from the floor. Now that the substance is gone continue up the hill and through the barricade. The next one is in here.


  • TYPE: Tome
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Retrieve the Netherese Keystone at the fallen arena
  • GUIDE: From Lore Item #2, in the middle of the area there will be a structure of some kind. The next collectible can be found in this structure. (Thanks to SixFeetBelowZero for pointing this one out)


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach Kelvin’s Courtyard.
  • GUIDE: Head through the portal to Kelvin’s Courtyard, from there you should notice a barricaded wall to the left. The next one is in here, be careful of the electrical traps. The collectible is behind the tree roots


  • TYPE: 
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Pick up the Netherese Keystone on the frost giant at Kelvin’s Courtyard.
  • GUIDE: Head to Kelvin’s Courtyard, then to the right there should be a statue. The next one is sitting by this statue


  • TYPE: Attribute Point
  • GUIDE: Head up the ledge in Kelvin’s Courtyard and then head left. In this building here is where the attribute point resides. Go around the building and deactivate the purple mechanism, then climb up to the roof of the building. You can use the ledge opposite the purple mechanism to climb and jump from. Whilst on the building rooftop go around and collect the Handle Lever. Drop back down and break through the rock wall to gain entry to the building, don’t worry it is breakable. In here and with the Handle Lever in hand, insert this lever into the available slot in the ground and this will turn off the fire. There is another Handle Lever in here next to a giant urn, grab this and do the same in the next available slot. When all of the fire has been dealt with, run around and activate all of the panels and if all done successfully the attribute shrine will then unlock


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • GUIDE: From the attribute shrine head through the next portal, go down the stairs to the left. Behind a barricade here will be a Lever Handle. Take the Lever Handle and drop down the nearby ledge to an underground area. The final one can be found here beyond the underground gate which is what the Lever Handle is for.


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