Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – Yuuk Ratbane (Puzzle Room Solution) Guide

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As you continue to explore the The Goblin’s Shard – Goffin’s Door mission you will most likely bump into the optional objective boss, Yuuk Ratbane.

Now Yuuk Ratbane might not be such a big deal, however just next to him is a force field of some kind that is preventing us from getting our paws on a bunch of Treasure Chests.

Annoying isn’t it? I mean those treasure chests might offer something really good but unfortunately there is a huge force field stopping you.

Plus we also have some fancy symbols on the floor, hmm I wonder what they are for. Well lets get on with it, shall we? Here is how to solve this one!


  • I mean they must mean something otherwise they would not be here, but what exactly do they mean? and what exactly do we need to do to solve this?
  • Well the trick is quite simple. You will be required to activate 4 symbols but since there are a lot more than 4 to choose from, it might be a bit tricky.
  • Okay, start your solving by heading to the right of the doorway, you may need to smash some breakable boxes here.
  • However, behind these boxes is a symbol!
  • Hmm, I wonder why this is here…
  • If you climb up the nearby ledge to the left, then look up at the wall here there will be another symbol. It is next to the giant statue. I’m so confused but they must mean something!
  • Regardless there are a few more symbols that you can find too. This time on the other side of the room
  • Hop back to the ground floor and head to the left side of the room. You should notice more breakable boxes. Behind them is another symbol
  • Then if you turn around and look up you will find the last symbol. It might be a bit more trickier to spot because it keeps getting blocked by the red flag
  • Now all of these symbols have something in common, this is that they all have identical symbol matches on the floor.
  • The problem is, unless you have a keen eye, the symbols on the floor all look rather similar. Hmm..
  • Okay lets start with the symbol on the left side of the room, more specifically the symbol on the ground rather than on the wall
  • The correct panel for this is the panel on the left close to the doorway
  • After activating the panel the symbol on the left side of the room should then light up, this indicates that you chose the correct one.
  • Right that is one down!
  • Since we are currently dealing with the left side of the room, lets continue this.
  • In order to activate the symbol on the wall behind the flag we need to activate the panel on the left side, so the same side as the last one, except this time it is the panel furthest from the doorway
  • If you are somehow getting confused then both of the panels are on the left side of the floor puzzle, same side as the symbols that light up.
  • That is the left side down, let us now concentrate on the right side of the room starting with the symbol closest to the doorway
  • The panel for this one is on the right side of the floor puzzle, it is the middle one.
  • The symbol by the doorway should now light up, only one more to go!
  • In order to light up the remaining symbol, this time on the wall by the statue.
  • We need to activate the panel on the right side of the floor puzzle, next to the last one we activated and closest to the treasure chests
  • This should now activate 4 floor symbols and unlock the force field leading to the treasure chests


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