Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Renegades (Side Quest) Guide

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One of the many optional side quests within Dying Light 2: Stay Human is Renegades. This requires us to Help the survivors

This specific side quest unlocked after I had finished the Mission 12 – Orders mission. Dierk just randomly called asking for help

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one…

REWARDS: 3,500 Combat Points, 3,500 Parkour Points, Boomstick


  • This quest was randomly unlocked after I had completed the Mission 12 – Orders mission. It will be given to you by Dierk
  • Eliminate the Renegade threat and then interact with the nearby building. We will then meet up with Kasper.
  • Apparently Kasper’s friends have been taken hostage.


  • Head to the quest marker and we will then have to find a way inside. In order to get inside you will have to lockpick a nearby door
  • Feel free to explore the room but in order to progress you will have to examine the body on the table.
  • Our next destination is to the south west of the map. When you arrive you will have to lockpick another door. Turns out no one is here.
  • At the next destination there will be a bunch of Renegade thugs but still no sign of the survivors.
  • Continuing on to the next destination and this time we will get a bit more progress, this time we will be able to confront Elias.
  • Defeat the Renegades and we will be able to unlock the door here. However, this is when Elias will show up.
  • We will then be tasked with having to fight Elias and his men. Defeating them will complete the quest.


For some reason, Renegades began appearing in areas that they normally didn’t operate in. I had to rescue those taken prisoner.


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