Edge Of Eternity – Purple Whiskers (Side Quest) How To Ride Nekaroo Guide

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The optional quests within Edge Of Eternity are split into two separate categories such as the Side Quests and the Hunt Quests.

This specific quest Purple Whiskers is a side quest, it involves taking down a Blob that are terrorising the Nekaroo

  • NAME: Purple Whiskers
  • TYPE: Side Quest
  • STORY OBJECTIVE: Homeward Bound / The Seed Of Destruction
  • LOCATION: Inel Harbor
  • DIFFICULTY: 0/5 Star
  • QUEST GIVER: Nekaroo Breeder
  • REWARDS: 50HEYR, 1000XP
  • DESCRIPTION: I’d like to ride a Nekaroo, but the breeder near Inel won’t let me. He’s afraid his animals will be harmed by the infamous Blob roaming the area. He will only let me ride one if I get rid of the monsters
  • Aren’t they adorable? The Nekaroo. I mean who wouldn’t want to ride one? It was practically the first thing I thought about when I first saw one and thankfully you can! Here is how!
  • Thankfully this is a really early side quest that you can pick up straight away, just simply head to the Nekaroo Farm over in Inel
  • Here speak to the Nekaroo Breeder, they will allow you to ride a Nekaroo but unfortunately there is a monster nearby that is threatening the poor animals and thus it is up to us to get rid of it!
  • The monster’s location should now be marked on the map, it can be found to the East of Wilderness Shrine
  • MONSTER: Honey
  • LEVEL: 4
  • HP: 282
  • ATTACK: 95
  • DEFENCE: 242
  • MAGIC: 107
  • After taking care of your Honey problems return back to the Nekaroo Breeder to end the quest
  • You can now summon Nekaroo as a mount. In order to be able to do this you need to simply press the ‘Left Dialogue Button‘ on the controller and then mount it using the ‘A‘ button and to dismount the ‘B‘ button
  • Nekaroo when mounted can sniff out anything of potential interest such as healing items and crystals that may be found underground

NOTE: Unfortunately the Nekaroo leaves after you progress with the story. You will not be able to ride a Nekaroo again until the story allows you to during your trip to the Nekaroo Farm.


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